Tim Rogers

Director: Tim Rogers
Email: Tim.Rogers@waynegov.com
Assistant Director: Randy Rogers
460 B South Landfill Road
Dudley, NC 28333
(919) 689-2994

ALERT - To keep bees and yellow jackets to a minimum please help us by rinsing your recyclable plastic and cans thoroughly!

The Wayne County Solid Waste Departments landfill is divided into sections. The lined landfill, construction/demolition, and recycling.  Construction and demolition cannot be mixed with other waste.  All metal must be separated from all waste for recycling.  There is an area provided for all metals and white goods (washers, dryers, freezers, etc.)

No charges are incurred for recycled items!

Lined Landfill Area:

  • Household waste (recyclables must be removed)
  • Furniture, etc.

Construction/Demolition (C&D):

  • Wood
  • Shingles
  • Roofing Materials
  • Land Clearing Debris
  • Concrete
  • Brick


  • Appliances (Doors must be removed from freezer and refrigerators)
  • Metal (bikes, mowers, aluminum siding, rebar, etc.)
  • Wire (metal bands, metal clothes hangars, etc.)
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Tires 

White goods (appliances), aluminum cans, batteries, cardboard and used oil are banned from the landfill. We have designated places for these items to be disposed of. 



Last Modified on October 13, 2015